Northtown Krystals Taking Shape

The new Krystal on Lebanon Road is taking shape, with the brick fa├žade started and interior work in progress.

Scott Lumley, owner of Resolve Commercial, recruited both Starbucks and Krystal on the same lot and said if the weather holds up the place should open in about 90 days.

Starbucks has been open for a few months, and soon citizens will be able wolf down some of Krystal’s unique square burgers. Lumley said on that same base lot is a 3,000-square-foot lot originally slated for a bank for some time.

“I think we will put up a spec building sometime in the future there,” Lumley said. “There’s been a lot of interest in the location, which is perfect because it’s right in front of Publix and is in the area we are trying to revitalize in Northtown.”

Lumley is also in the midst of developing The City Center. It’s on North Mt. Juliet Road and is 42,000 square feet with an additional 10,000-square-foot covered parking garage. Last week he pulled nine commercial permits for the center.

He said his company pulled more commercial permits last week, and year to date, than any other development company. The center is 80-percent leased at this point. A fitness business is already open there.

There are only two spots left to lease in the center, one of which is the 5,000-square-foot anchor location. Some of the businesses which will open within the next 90 days include Sweet CeCe’s, a frozen yogurt business; a barbecue restaurant; a Cricket Wireless store; White Lily, a woman’s wear boutique; Barco; Guns and Ammo; telemarketer Smart Cremation; and sometime in the near future Smoke Fusion Q.

“It will start being populated in the coming weeks with openings to follow,” Lumley said.

Another venture Lumley is pursuing has been named The Transformer. He is going to open it in his office building near the railroad tracks on North Mt. Juliet Road. It will be a podcast radio station with a complete set.

“It will be free,” he said. “It’s an avenue for community interests and for business entrepreneurs.”

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